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    Amway implements "China first" strategy


    2019/11/14 Companies
    The Author:
    Amway implements "China first" strategy

    From November 5th to 10th, the 2nd China International Import Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (shanghai). Amway, as an exhibitor, placed a narrowed research greenhouse of the organic farm as well as R&D center of its nutrition and health care brand Nutrilite in the exhibition area, attracting lots of visitors. 10 imported Nutrilite branded nutritional health foods were also showed on the spot.

    According to Yu Fang, president of Amway (China), the overall market size of China's dietary supplements has exceeded 460 billion yuan in 2018, making it the world's second largest dietary supplement consumer market. Based on the broad prospects of China's health industry, Amway Global will gradually shift its focus to the Chinese market in terms of strategy, resources and investment.

    Last year, our new CEO came up with a slogan called China first. In fact, this strategy also fully demonstrates that Amways global strategic focus will soon move to the Chinese market. And from the perspective of current development trend of the entire digital economy, this is also an inevitable choice." Yu Fang said.

    In 2019, in order to optimize the global supply, Amway transferred its  production line of high-tech home products from US to China with an annual production capacity of more than 11 million pieces. In consideration of China's leading position in the digital and mobile Internet world, Amway will also locate its Global Digital Innovation Center and The Big Data Innovation Center in China. Amway expects to invest $200 million in the digitalization of the Chinese market in the next five years.


    The Chinese source:




    去年我們的新CEO到任后,提出了一個口號叫China first(中國優先)戰略,其實這個戰略也充分表明了日后安利全球的戰略重心將快速向中國市場遷移。而從目前整個數字經濟的發展態勢來看,這也是一個必然選擇。余放說。





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