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    “NU SKIN Spring Bud College” welfare project was launched


    2019/10/31 Companies
    The Author:
    “NU SKIN Spring Bud College” welfare project was launched

    On October 22, 2019, the launching ceremony of the NU SKIN Spring Bud College welfare project was held at Polus International College in Sichuan Province. Wang Haijing, deputy secretary-general of the China Children and Teenagers Fund, director Zhang Xinyan, and Zhao Jin, secretary-general of the Shanghai NU SKIN Public Welfare Foundation, attended the ceremony.

    It is reported that the "Spring Bud College" welfare project was launched during the International Girls' Day on October 10, 2017. It is an important part of the "Spring Bud Program" initiated by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund. The project will provide free services like vocational education and career planning for poor school-age girl, which will help them to step into the society so that they and their families could get rid of poverty.

    In order to further promote the implementation of this project, the China Children and Teenagers Fund and the Shanghai NU SKIN Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched the NU SKIN Spring Bud College project to help poor families in the western region including Sichuan Province. This project aims to enable girls of the appropriate age to receive vocational skills training and get opportunities to have a job.

    It is understood that the content of the NU SKIN Spring Bud College project includes the establishment of scholarships and grants for poor girls in vocational colleges, providing short-term vocational and technical training courses for older girls from poor families, carrying out quality education and organizing study tours. Moreover, by working with vocational colleges, an employment platform and a one-to-one pledging platform are going to be set up. The first crew of 100 girls will be funded after the project launched and Sichuan Polus International College will be responsible for the implementation.


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