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    Amway (China) R&D Center contributes to the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine


    2019/09/27 Companies
    The Author:
    Amway (China) R&D Center contributes to the modernization of traditional Chinese  medicine

    Amway (China) R&D Center participaed in the signing ceremony of the national key R&D program "modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" during the 13th Five-Year plan period.

    The 14th National Nutrition Science Conference and the 11th Asia-Pacific Clinical Nutrition Conference as well as the 2nd Global Chinese Nutrition Scientists Conference were held in Nanjing from September 20 to 22, 2019. Under the theme of "nutrition research and clinical practice", the session aims to promote the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy, reaching the health goals found in the National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030) ,and to enhance the academic communication and development in the filed of nutrition science in the Asia-Pacific region and the globle.

    On the 22nd, Wang Linyuan, the chief scientist of the National R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Professor of Beijing  Traditional Chinese Medicine University,who on behalf of the project team have signed an agreement with the Amway (China) R&D Center.The two sides will cooperate to establish a platform for the demonstration of R&D and technical system of evaluation in terms of compound health products based on Chinese traditional medicine. Which helps to promote the standardization, modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

    In 2015, the Amway China Plant R&D Center with a total investment of more than 200 million yuan was completed in Wuxi. It is dedicated to the research of organic planting and extracts of Chinese herbal medicine plants, and cooperates with Academician Zhu Zhaoliang from the Nanjing Institute of Soil Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish an enterprise-academician workstation,looking forward to solve the issues encountered in the development of Chinese herbal medicines like agricultural pollution, efficacy safety and sustainable development. 

    The "Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization Research" project is the second project that Amway has participated in the National 13th Five-Year Plan after participating in "Demonstration on Prevention and Control Technology of Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution and Heavy Metal Pollution In The Lower Reaches of The Yangtze River" in 2016, the 13th Five-Year Key Science and Technology Project. In 2017, Amway Plant Research and Development Center cooperated with the Institute of Chinese Medicine of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to complete the full-length transcriptome genetic information excavation of chrysanthemum, allowing China to be the first country in the world to complete the whole genome sequencing of chrysanthemum.

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